Dear distinguished guest,

On behalf of College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, I would like to invite you to attend the International Conference on Health Humanities from April 16-17, 2020.  This two-day conference focusing on New Humanities on Planetary Health will be hosted by College of Public Health, National Taiwan University in Taipei.

Health Humanities after Medical Humanities has been proposed as a new avenue for integrating creative arts and humanities (including literature, visual, and performing arts, films, drama, philosophy and history) into evidence-based studies, medical education and practices, and public health for health professionals since 2000. While it continues to play an important role in humanities with the integration of anthropology, archaeology, social science, philosophy into health , the recent anthropogenic changes on human health and digital technology have broadened the scope of health humanities with the urgency to synthesize more inter-disciplinary researches to improve the health of human living on the earth under the principle of sustainable development goals (SDGs) set up by WHO since 2017 that creates a new discipline called planetary health . This international meeting is therefore held to invite inter-disciplinary experts together to get a better understanding of how humanities can become a good driver for the facilitating planetary health framework.

This conference will be jointly held with the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH) and the Asian New Humanities Network (ANHN) represented by two distinguished professors, Prof. Luiz Oosterbeek and Prof. Ping-Chen Hsiung, both of whom are two main drivers of this meeting.

It is our great honor to welcome you to Taipei in April 2020, to benefit from your insights and to start these conversations with distinguished scholars in the field of New Humanities from world, colleagues, and students at National Taiwan University (NTU).  

Please find the enclosed tentative Agenda for this meeting. In addition to inviting world-class scholars and experts in humanities and health like you, we have also invited a group of Professors form Asian countries to join with our meeting and participants have been still increasing. To meet the goal of humanities cultivated in Asian countries, we have plenary session and concurrent sessions and also feedbacks after concurrent sessions. In two-day meeting, we have also arranged the site visit to “ShihSanHang Museum of Archaeology” that has documented the history of Aboriginal People in Taiwan in conjunction with on-site health check-up and culture heritage shows next to the ShihSanHang museum on the second day meeting. We will send the details of this museum later or you can refer to Website

We are looking forward to hearing from you in near future 

Yours, Sincerely,





Dean, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University


Vice Dean, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University


Prof. Chang-Chuan Chan


Prof. Hsiu-Hsi Chen