Dear distinguished guest,

On behalf of the college of public health, National Taiwan University, I would like to invite you to join the second online meeting on COVID-19 and Health Humanities after the first online meeting held on 16th and 17th April.

    The June online meeting will have two major changes. In contrast to April meeting with a broader scope, the coming June online meeting will have two highlights, “Ethical Guidelines for COVID-19 Containment Measures” at European time zone” (6/23 June) and “Racism and COVID-19” at time zone of North America Regions (6/24 June).  In order to have a deeper viewpoint of two themes, we would like to use the style and format different from the April meeting. We plan to take initiatives from one or two inspiring speeches and then have in-depth round table discussion on each topic contributed from a group of experts from inter-disciplinary fields of humanities. Scholars from Asian countries will join with our round table on website to enjoy our vigorous discussion. More importantly, we will provide the real-time website show for the public worldwide.

 Those taking initiatives in delivering speech have been invited through informal e-mails and perhaps skype meeting through me, you and Prof. Ping-Chen Hsiung.  I believe all of you can prepare your speeches on your own but please let me know which style you (powerpoint /short-positioned paper/video etc.) are preferred before June 12th.  As far as other experts are concerned, please prepare your 1-2 points that you want to make during the round table discussion before June 15th.  I may send the reminder to aware you to finish preparation in due time.  

       During the pandemic, we hope this online meeting would make contribution to all people around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact with me if you have any suggestion. Please find the enclosed a tentative agenda for online meeting at two different time zones. 


Best wish to stay healthy





Dean, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University


Vice Dean, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University


Prof. Chang-Chuan Chan


Prof. Hsiu-Hsi Chen