Dear Covid-19 & Health Humanities organizers, 


It turns out that my Hopkins colleague Lauren Small and I will be co-hosting an AfterWards session on Thurs June 25th.

This is the day right after the 6/23-24 meeting.

It is going to be via Zoom so anyone involved in the Health Humanities conference could also  participate. 

In fact, this is the narrative medicine program that Lauren created and I had originally proposed to introduce at the Health Humanities conference. 


I would be delighted if you would like to circulate this invitation below as a kind of "AfterWard" of the H-H conference. 

Otherwise, we invite all of you who are interested. Please send Lauren an RSVP. 

She is keeping a list and will then send the Zoom invite to people separately: 

-- William Blake, "Death on a Pale Horse"


You are warmly invited to a Zoom AfterWards, Thursday June 25 at noon. 


"Pandemic Patterns": What do depictions of past epidemics in art and literature reveal about our response to COVID today?


Please RSVP to Lauren Small, [email protected], to receive a Zoom invite.


We hope to see you there!


Marta Hanson, PhD, Dept of History of Medicine

Lauren Small, PhD, Pediatrics, Director of AfterWards