Somhegyi Zoltán



Impact of COVID-19 on the arts


Dr. Zoltan Somhegyi


Statements for the Round Table discussion



1. When examining the impact of the pandemic on the arts, we can see that it is a triple investigation, i.e. we need to observe the issue in three different chronological periods: (1) the sudden impact in the beginning, (2) the period during the lockdown, and (3) the (near) future. The ways how COVID-19 had an impact on the arts and on the infrastructure of arts is different in all these phases.


2. In all the three above however, we can see extremely important issues arising, as well as creative solutions that will definitely shape the future of arts, art production, creation, consumption and commerce.


3. The impact is not merely on the aesthetics, but has also consequences on ethical and social questions too, including, among others, the ways how arts and the artist should be supported, the duties of the states, governments, corporate entities and private individuals in providing subsidization for the artist.